Flamenco Guitar
Jose Valle

Photography by Morgan Smith

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Gypsy Flamenco Night

at Casablana Studios 2018
Compañia Chuscales & Mina Fajardo

Friday, May 11, 2018 at 7PM

$20 At the door

$15 Advanced

$10  Students

Music Director and Guitarist: Chuscales Jose Valle
Artistic Director, Choreographer, Playwright and Dancer(Old Carmen) :

Mina Fajardo

Dancer (Young Carmen): Sveta Backhaus
Dancer (Middle age of Carmen) Monze Bdiaz

Singer: Dolores Garcia

Gypsy Flamenco Night at Casablanca Studios 2018, CARMEN LA GOLONDRINA.
Base on a true story, Chuscales grandmother Carmen La Golondrina who had a gypsy cave also known as Cueva de La Golondrina in Sacromonte, Granada, Spain.

Carmen Maya Cortes "Carmen La Golondrina" was born in Sacromente in 1906 and died in 1996.
Since she was little she danced at the Zambra of the Amaya and Maya, and appeared in the films "Mara de la O" and "Forja de Alma"s and “Cante Jondo Festival” in 1922. She performed in Barcelona Expo International and opened the Cueva de La Golondrina with his husband Joaquin Fajardo, guitarist, and her three children, Isabel Fajardo Maya, Maria Fajardo Maya, Antonio Fajardo Maya in 1947, performing throughout Andalusia and Morocco. She Danced at “Franco en la Granja”, and danced in Hotel Palace for many seasons. She toured with famous singer Antonio Chacon in Spain.

Music director, composer and guitarist by Jose Valle Chuscales, Artistic director, choreographer by Mina Fajardo.
Teen/Young Carmen by Sveta Backhaus, middle age of Carmen by Monze Diaz, Old Carmen by Mina Fajardo.

Chuscales grew up in a traditional gypsy family well known for its professional musicians and dancers. His grandmother was among those who lived in the caves of Sacromonte, one of the legendary cradles of flamenco. Chuscales recalls, "there were shows, with Gypsies from Granada who grew up in families that lived there. I wish you could see it, the families in the caves and the singing and dancing. There might be seven, eight, maybe nine caves, all with singing and dancing, and there would be more singing and dancing on the streets every day. It was unbelievable. It was very formative time in all my life. It was like a dream. This is where I learned everything the rhythm, the beat, the guitar. I am still learning from those thousands of nights performing with my family, with my father, my grandfather, and my friends.

Artistic Director, Mina Fajardo choreographed and performed in many productions including “The Little Match Girl” (Santa Fe, NM 2017), “Dance with Spirit” (Santa Fe, NM 2017), “Illusions in Arts “Calligraphy & Choreography” (Santa Fe, NM 2017), “Romance de la Luna “ (Santa Fe, NM, 2016), “Una Nota de Lorca” (Santa Fe, NM 2016), “Gypsy Book” (Santa Fe, NM 2015), “Flamenco Masters” (Denver, CO 2015), “Houston Spanish & Flamenco Festival 2015” (Houston, TX 2015), “Flamenco X3”(Santa Fe, NM 2015), “Gypsy Passion” (Santa Fe, NM 2014), “Flamenco Fiesta!” (Santa Fe, NM 2014 & 2013), “Forever in My Heart” (Santa Fe, NM 2013 ), “My Gypsy Soul” (Santa Fe, NM 2012), “Chuscales at Old Main, Boulder” (Boulder, CO 2011), “Chuscales y Mina Fajardo con Las Tres Mujeres” (Las Vegas. NM, 2010), “Chuscales Live at MIT” (Boston, MA 2009), Telluride Jazz Festival (Telluride, CO 2008)

NEW Guitar classes for Kids and adult
at Casablanca Studios
1935 Warner Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87505
9am~10am Kids Flamenco Guitar
10am~11am Adult Flamenco Guitar
505-603-7997 (Text)


at La Boca, Santa Fe, NM

Every Tuesday, 7:00~9:00 PM

72 west marcy street

Santa Fe, NM 87501

for reservations call: 505. 982. 3433

Jose Valle "Chuscales" y Mina: TV "Españoles en el Mundo" 13:50~

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