Photo by Morgan Smith


Above Chuscales, second from right, and family in his grandmother's cave, Cueva la Golondrina of Sacromonte, Granada in Spain

Right, Chuscales  at age 2          His relatives are famous musicians, singers and dancers, Including Joaquin Fajardo (the grandfather), Mario Maya, Belen Maya, Rafael Fajardo and Manolete (Manuel Santiago Maya).

Chuscales began playing the guitar at the age of six, and made his professional debut at the age of 14 in the tablao "Camborio" in Granada. He has toured extensively throughout Europe, South America, and Japan accompanying such dance luminaries as Farruco, El Guito, Mario Maya. La Singla, La Chunga, Joaquin Fajardo, and La Tati. Also, he has accompanied such great singers as El Lebrijano, El Chocolate, Camaron de la Isla, and Bambino

Left, Joaquin Fajardo (Chusco's garandfather)                                                                                                                                                                    

Right, Chuscales and his father, flamenco dancer Jose Luis Valle

Left, Chusco's mother, flamenco dancer Maria Fajardo Maya

Right, Chuscales & Flamenco Singer Vicente Griego

Left, flamenco dancer Mina Fajardo (Above and Right, Photography by Morgan Smith)

Photography by Alan Ackoff

Chuscales and Mina Fajardo
Photography by Catherine Sobredo